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Warrior Equipment
Level {{ thisPlayer().equipment[1] }}
Atk +{{equipment.armour[1][thisPlayer().equipment[1]].bonus}}

Wizard Equipment
Level {{ thisPlayer().equipment[2] }}
Atk +{{equipment.armour[2][thisPlayer().equipment[2]].bonus}}

Rogue Equipment
Level {{ thisPlayer().equipment[3] }}
Atk +{{equipment.armour[3][thisPlayer().equipment[3]].bonus}}

SlashWars is a 2D Hack/Slash MORPG designed for the browser!

Searching for glory in a vast abandoned wilderness, you are on your own. Battle as a warrior, wizard or rogue to strategically conquer players and become the champion of Slash Wars. Danger lurks around every corner, in the form of merciless players waiting to steal your hard-earned possessions!